• Family


    To discover Masottina is to understand the deep bond between the Dal Bianco family, their land and their iconic product: wine.

  • Terroir


    The distinctive nature of Masottina wines is down to the Dal Bianco family’s ability to appreciate the terroirs in which it operates, adopting a scrupulous, attentive approach to viticulture.

  • System


    Masottina’s oenological excellence is built around a production style where human input is still seen as an essential factor.

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Tradition and innovation

Masottina’s wines and sparkling wines bear testament
to a long oenological tradition.


The holy grail of the Masottina method

A glass of Masottina Prosecco represents the unique nature of the terroir and the embodiment of a traditional production method which sees man and man’s wisdom as the key to superior quality.

Masottina - Spumanti e Vini


The best of our terroir

Our profound knowledge of our local area stems from our meticulous study of the nature and vocation of the Colli di Conegliano terroir. The Dal Bianco family has been able to unlock the potential of these unique slopes to create stunning white and red wines.

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