The hills of this renowned food and wine region are expressed in a dish and paired with one of its shiniest gems: Prosecco Superiore Brut Docg.

Al Salisà's restaurant is an old friend of Masottina. As a true champion of Venetian culinary traditions, this temple of flavour located in Conegliano along the "Prosecco route" is one of those places that touches and inspires you with its offer of dishes loaded with a strong territorial identity, just like the Prosecco of the Dal Bianco family.

At the Salisà you will never find the expected, the faithful reproduction of what has already been done before. Because food here is, first of all, the search for a unique identity, which is born in tradition and makes use of local ingredients with the goal of developing into a personal yet unmistakable language of taste. A question of style, some will say.

Indeed, experiencing Al Salisà's taste journey is to cross into the dimension of a true multi-sensory adventure.

Starting from the bright colours of each dish's various elements and the flair with which they are arranged, clues to an aesthetic sense in which the attentive and demanding gourmand will also recognize a touch of art. But good food is an alchemy with its own rules, and it is difficult not to think of a marriage between art and taste at Al Salisà's table when tasting, for example, their crusty rustic bread surmounted by a perfect egg poached at a low temperature and pigmented with bottarga – salted and cured fish roe – and a cream of taleggio: this dish brings to mind the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene covered by snow on a sunny day.

This is how a territory, through a vision that embraces art and cuisine, comes to be expressed in one dish; the perfect wine to enjoy with your meal, to complete this imaginary stroll among the gently sloping hills of Conegliano, has to be one of the region's most treasured products, the one which has made it famous all over the world: Prosecco Superiore. We recommend Masottina's Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut Prosecco Superiore DOCG, one of the most appreciated and prized labels created by the Dal Bianco family, for a refined and precious encounter which will not fail to leave its mark.