Masottina's Prosecco Superiore “Le Rive di Ogliano” Extra Dry meets the perfect artichoke rosette created by Conegliano's restaurant

Whenever one of Masottina's Prosecco Superiore labels meets a dish prepared by restaurant Al Salisà, something magical happens. The emotions created by such an encounter are as elusive and inexpressible as the feelings we experience upon waking up under the spell of a dream that is already fading from memory. When the flavours created by this Conegliano restaurant are touched by the elegance of the Dal Bianco family's Prosecco Superiore, we feel welcomed into a large house, that of Veneto's food and wine tradition, captivated by a heady mix of sensory delights.

An idyllic balance that requires a cultivated knowledge of ingredients and great manual skills to be achieved, starting from the antipasti.

So, as we sip from our glass of Le Rive di Ogliano Extra Dry enjoying its light and breezy perlage, we can admire Al Salisà's beautiful artichoke rosette served over a Malga cheese and black truffle fondue with delicate spinach leaves.

One more sip of Prosecco Superiore and we are ready to fully savour this unique dish created by Al Salisà's inspired chef.The enticing minerality of Le Rive di Ogliano and the creaminess of the fondue break through and elevate the sweet/bitter interplay between spinach and artichoke, coming together into a marriage of flavours, one perfect symphony composed in the most inspired of nights. And here lies, perhaps, the true secret of both Masottina and Al Salisà: inspiration, the sacred fire kept alive by a passion for their native region and its never-ending surprises.