When the character of a land creates emotions: a beef steak prepared by Antica Pieve restaurant, just outside Conegliano, meets Masottina's Contrada Granda Brut-Rive di Ogliano

One of Italy's treasures is certainly its food and wine culture which owes much of its international prestige to the many local specialties produced in each region of the Belpaese. Any true celebration of Italy's regional diversity, therefore, must begin from the table. The pairing of a dish with the perfect wine is a bit like finding your perfect love match, but when it comes to celebrating the excellence of a specific territorial area, such a partnership is key to truly understand its character. Just outside the town of Conegliano, for example, we can experience the combination of local dishes, recreated lovingly by the restaurant Antica Pieve with the fine wines produced by the Dal Bianco family. This is a love match in which the entire historical region of Conegliano Valdobbiadene comes together in one moment, one emotion, opening the pages of a story told by all the senses.Sometimes, all you need are the simpler, most genuine ingredients.

This is certainly true in this corner of the Veneto region, where you can enjoy some late radicchio, crisp and pleasantly bitter, with a perfectly seared beef steak and a side of roast potatoes freshly dug from the ground, bringing to your lips a glass of Contrada Granda Brut - Rive di Ogliano, a Prosecco Superiore DOCG produced by Masottina from Glera grapes harvested within one single vineyard located in the Ogliano micro-zone, one of the 43 'rive' of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area.

The perfect marriage between Antica Pieve's beef and the Masottina's Contrada Granda Brut – Rive di Ogliano is actually a celebration of the balance that man, in this special area, was able to find with nature, shaping the contours of a landscape that, like those we see in the canvases of the Renaissance artist Cima da Conegliano, seems to have been painted by hand. It is no coincidence that the name chosen by the Dal Bianco family for this fine Prosecco Superiore is Contrada Granda,  the name is an homage to the ancient road that runs through the medieval old town of Conegliano, a magical place of flavours and memories.