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The best of our terroir

Our profound knowledge of our local area stems from our meticulous study of the nature and vocation of the Colli di Conegliano terroir. Masottina has been able to unlock the potential of these unique slopes to create stunning white and red wines.

The Colli di Conegliano terroir is a kaleidoscope of stunning panoramas. From the rolling hills to the more defined lines of the countryside via the rigid rows of vines and the forests on the Pre-Alps, this is a land of extraordinary beauty, defined by the presence of man. And it is here that the Dal Bianco family has tapped into the terroir’s true calling. Masottina doesn’t just produce Sparkling Wines, but also creates fine still wines made using a process which aims to make use of the best this land can give.

These wines are created through the combination of autochthonous grapes with international varieties and never fail to satisfy and delight the drinker.

Masottina - Il Panorama

They are fine wines which embody the age-old wine culture that inhabits these hills, whose potential Masottina has shown great skill to unlock.

Our wines

- White and red wines from the Veneto region -

A glass of Masottina Prosecco represents the unique nature of the terroir and the embodiment of a traditional production method which sees man and man’s wisdom as the key to superior quality.

Masottina - DOCG Conegliano
Masottina - Ai Palazzi