One click on the website is all it takes to sign up and subscribe to Masottina’s Club newsletter and have our sparkling and still wines delivered to your home.

Signing up is simple, all it takes is one click on our home page to enter your personal data and become a Masottina winelover. It is our way to keep in touch with everyone who has come to discover and appreciate the winemaking art practiced by the Dal Bianco family here in Conegliano-Valdobbiadene since 1946. A long viticultural history that bonds our family, across generations, to this extraordinary wine region. In these strange and confusing times, using digital tools to stay close and share our passion for quality wine, can be a further opportunity for knowledge and discovery, overcoming the limits imposed by social distancing.

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By signing up for the newsletter, all private customers can take advantage of our new corporate e-commerce tool.

By typing our web address: you will find on the home page the link: WANT TO RECEIVE OUR WINES AT HOME? REGISTER HERE. All you have to do is register to order from our entire wine list, with the opportunity to choose your favourite labels and vintages, to appreciate the evolution of our bottles over time. Up to six different labels can be selected for each package. A mixed selection 6-bottle pack is a service usually reserved to our loyal customers, overcoming the traditional requirement to purchase the wines in 6-bottle packs of the same kind. A special service we now wish to extend to those who are new to Masottina’s world, in all its expressions, from our range of sparkling wines to the still wines of the "Ai Palazzi" family. The conditions are simple: the minimum order is € 50 plus € 9 for shipping. We now also offer free shipping on all orders over €90. One small gesture for everyone who loves our wines as much as we do.