The budding vines are a message of hope in such challenging times. We wish to keep you company by delivering Masottina’s Prosecco and Ai Palazzi still wines to your home nationwide.

In 1931, surrealist painter Salvador Dalì painted his famous canvas known as "The persistence of memory". The painting is largely known for its image of the soft, melting pocket watches. And now, in these trying times, we can easily imagine how people might be perceiving the passage of time. Time spent confined in the home seems to melt and stretch, yet it is always the same, it has not changed; The same number of hours in each day, same minutes in every hour, same days, same nights. Time has not changed, but our perception has. Outside our houses, beyond our windows, just below our balconies, the world has not changed, it has maintained its own rhythms, its biological clock: Nature. Outside our homes it is spring, the yearly season of rebirth, of natural awakening, blossoming. Many of us, especially those who live in the city, can only imagine this awakening, picture it in our minds, and it is wonderful to know that as soon as we will be able to leave our houses, we will find blossoms on the trees, tall grass, spontaneous flowers, all caressed by the fresh spring air. The exact same rebirth we see in our vineyards.

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Tiny pale green buds appear on the branches of the vines, the first valiant ambassadors of the new season.

The buds are custodians of the vineyard's vital energy and their strength is explosive. The vineyards are dotted with small shoots which will first become flowers and then wonderful fruits. Because such is Nature, the keeper of life and its laws, which are the simplest yet the most difficult to be mindful of in our daily lives. As every winter will be followed by spring and old leaves will be replaced by new ones in a wonderful cycle that repeats itself from the dawn of time and no one can stop. And so, as we wait to fully enjoy this immense breath of nature, we thought of bringing some of its beauty into our homes. It is a way feel closer, a small pleasure to enjoy now in the hope of being able to raise our glasses and embrace our closest friends very soon. If you live in Italy, by registering on the Masottina website, you can receive Masottina's Rive and Prosecco and the still wines of our Ai Palazzi line delivered to your home. It is our way to reach out and share the pleasure of fine drinking, in these challenging times, with everyone who appreciates our work in the vineyard and the cellar, as we strive to bring to you the best products of our enchanted territory.