A family story

The Dal Bianco family has passionately devoted its energy to producing wine since 1946. It all began when grandfather Epifanio acquired the Ai Palazzi estate at Gorgo al Monticano, comprising five hectares of vineyards and a farmhouse. Renovation of the farmhouse brought to light the word MASOTTINA on one of the original walls: MASOTTINA then became the name of the company.

Adriano, the eldest son, gave new impetus to developing the business. After studying oenology at the old-established, prestigious Conegliano Oenology School, he began investing year after year in the best technologies available for the production of wine with unmistakable style and constant quality.

Later, Adriano and his brothers created the Terre di Ogliano winery, where Masottina wines are now made, a vinification centre unique in the Prosecco territory.

The family tradition is now carried on by the third generation, who follow in the footsteps of grandfather Epifanio by investing in land to increase the family’s vine planted area. Now the company is run by Adriano and his two sons Filippo, Sales Director, and Federico, Vice President.