A passion born in the vineyard

With every harvest for the past more than 75 years the Dal Bianco family has renewed its roots and inspiration. For this family, being winemakers means passing on over the years and generations the continuous thrill of taking care of Mother Nature’s precious gifts.
Masottina wines have their roots in the 220 hectares of vineyards acquired over the years by the family. Vine growing is the result of synergies between a constantly forward-looking approach and attention to origins, united by a common theme that enhances the different terroirs. These are the factors that inspire the entire vinification process, through to the final selection, to create well-balanced wines, sealed with the names of the locations they represent the most.

The winery is the place where our winemaking spirit is fully expressed, maintaining the promise made years ago by Adriano Dal Bianco, who strived to vinify his grapes accurately and rapidly to keep them from oxidising. Today this approach involves painstaking tasks, from selecting grapes on the vine to getting them to the winery first thing in the morning, where a second selection takes place.

Gravity is our ally in vinification: it starts when the grapes enter the winery, goes through soft pressing and conveys the must to the fermenting vats. Maturation in tanks and careful monitoring lead to Masottina wines, the result of familiar rituals representing outstanding historic terroirs, selection from a single vineyard or clever cuvée blending.
Only in this way can the flavour and aroma potential of each combination be defined, and the wine be able to fully express them in an elegant, limpid product.

The Masottina method is therefore an ancestral link constantly evolving through observance of traditions and interpretation of the future, elements with a common spirit inspired by a unique territory and a family passion with its own unmistakable style.